Friday, January 16, 2015

For all my Facebook friends, music & Gordon Lightfoot, "THANK YOU"!

Another week in winter…”Cabin Fever” has set in as I sit here at night in this dismal place where winter has seemingly no end.  People call it the wrath of “Mother Nature”… Guess ma is mad about something! 

The cold has taken its toll on machinery, houses, furnaces, people and most of all “pocketbooks”.  Read something funny on the internet last night…home heating prices will remain low for a couple of weeks because of the warm up.  “WHAT WARM UP”?

I sat here thinking after I got the boiler running and the pipes thawed.., Ahh! That was until it thawed all the way and a pipe burst in the kitchen.  The sound of the water and pressure escaping from the boiler pipe was like a song! 

The song was a sad one and I wandered back to my youth and the good times…, which, have been gone for a long time now.  Family dead, what’s left is small and lives far way, old friends here are all-dead.  Some say Facebook is a waste of time but without it and my new FB friends, last night would have been terrible...but after a few posts… a group of well wishers (some of whom I have never met in person) were sending best wishes, offers of help and encouragement!  Thank you all!

Then I started to think about the past and my music, music that I don’t play anymore because it brings back memories, thoughts of the fun past, and the ghosts of yesteryear. I guess like Paul Anka’s the “Moments of Our Lives”, we all have “our songs”.  

I got to thinking about it…yes me who always had a guitar in hand, always singing…NO MUSIC, don’t even have a tape or CD player anymore.  I got up, went into the icy cold front room, grabbed my old guitar…tried to tune it and played it (TERRIBLY) with my bad, cold, overworked hands. Soon the week no longer mattered…and before I knew it, it was midnight.

The last song I played said it all.  Of course it was a Gordon Lightfoot song.  Who else says it all in some song or another… it was his “You Are What I Am”!  A great song!

“You are what I am…lovin’ you for ever if I can…You make the time stand still…Do it now and you always will. Think about the times we’ve had, we’ve never been blue…(music) you got the combination gal to keep me straight and true...You are what I am…Lov’in you for ever if I can... Any time that I fall down I never get stuck...You got the combination gal to get me right back up…’Cause you are what I am…(singin’ songs) forever if I can…”

Hope you had a better week than me… If not sing along!

PS Those banjo players and extra musicians on this cut are members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra..."Gettin' Down" or UP? ... I guess!

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