Sunday, November 3, 2013

Floods, Madison County Archives & history, and Voting!

My driveway the river!

Well what a WEEK or so!  Everything that could go wrong has.  I have gone broke going to the hospital in Syracuse from here in Eaton... to see a friend...  and the parking Garage fees.... YIKES.

The political makeup of this time of year has gone from low key to bizarre and has used up all of the minutes on my I am minuteless as well!  Is minuteless a word????

The truth of the matter is politics in Madison County is as far from reality and you can go.  Many of the small races in the towns are what we call "un-opposed”.  In other words you have NO CHOICE!  In my town the most important part of the race is un-opposed… Highway Department head.  My issue with him is not having the culverts cleaned on this street that I live on for all these years, and my peeve was watching the town truck slowly go by looking at us fools trying to pump the floodwater out of our lives.  Not once… but twice this year.  I guess the flooding was just an... Oh Well in Eaton!

The ditch is still not for old Back Street Mary it will be back to the shovel time....

The only candidate I truly know and care about is Denise Roe… who is running for the job she has actually been doing for eight years as the Deputy Madison County Clerk.

Denise and I met when I was the Historian for Madison County and we started the “Archives Project".  The project mushroomed into scanning, saving, cleaning, organizing and going forward into the computer world with Madison County's business and history.

Denise and one of our "history Stars" Pat Utter
This was an awesome challenge that required for the history preservation - volunteers, grants, and ingenuity... The result is amazing and today Denise is on the NYS Advisory Board for Region 6.

As Deputy County Clerk she has had to work to manage, preserve records, and make them available to the public...  records that include land records, court records, DMV and passport service, business records and Governmentally required records.

Add to that the coordination of the personnel in the office, participation with people interested in accessing records for genealogical purposes, and taking care of the vast financial responsibilities of the office, and you have a job description of a very important public servant.

The other odd reason I will vote for Denise is I am tight with my tax buck!!!!  Yes money!!!  I refuse to pay for someone to learn a job that someone is doing well and has been doing well for 8 years...  That is why the Deputy Clerks eventually become Clerks.

So that is it for politics for me... I ran once and the candidate I ran against had never been elected...she was appointed to the position when the town supervisor resigned and never had an opponent!  So I ran...everyone should!

And the supervisors race…that is another story. I suspect a good number of them run to get insurance...10 years on in this part-time job…and free insurance for life!!!!! What a deal!

So get out and vote…it is our job as a citizen…even if at times we have few good choices. "Denise Roe is a Good Choice!"

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