Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mother Cope close to home...

Today it was announced that Mother Marianne Cope would be raised to Sainthood, what was need was two miracles that could be investigated and attributed to her.  Mother Cope entered my life however a number of years earlier when I was caring for my 90 plus year old mother and my friend Chris who was dying of breast cancer.

 To care for my mother in Syracuse and to take care of the house and try to see to Chris' needs in Eaton, NY, I was forced to hire home aides for my mother from time to time. Among these was a very wonderful young woman that my mother loved.  It eventually came that in order for me to spend the night in Eaton I would hire her to watch my mother overnight. 

On those occasions the two of them would talk and pray and watch TV.  She shared my job with her other jobs and was super competent - some one I trusted ma to overnight.  One day in December of 2005, she announce to my mother and I that she was going to be named as one of the miracle cures of Mother Cope.

In fact she was going to go to Rome and meet the Pope to celebrate with others from the convent in Syracuse, Mother Cope's beautification - the step before sainthood.

She (Kate) went off on her trip to Rome and during that week my mother took a turn for the worse..I took her to the hospital where they said they would send her home to die.  They set up hospice and I took her home.  She was close to death as far as I could tell one morning and I knew Kate her aide would be coming back on Wednesday so decided to write Kate a note and tell her to come over as soon as she could so mom could still recognise her and see her.

I had day aides who watched her while I went to Eaton, on my return that day the aide said that Kate had been there..came right over from arriving home, she had placed a rosary blessed by the Pope around ma's neck and put a pin depicting Mother Cope on her pillow and exclaimed. that by Friday "she should be up dancing!" We all laughed, that's Kate..that was why ma loved her. 

The next morning I had to return to Eaton for Chris, and later on my return her aide said, "Mary your mother woke up and said get me up and out of this bed."  I did.

Not only did mom get out of bed, but she improved and lived until January of 2008..  When asked about dying she said she wasn't ready yet, she had "issues."

I don't know what the issues were, nor do I know what happened, was it her strong will or could it actually be attributed to Mother Cope...I'll never know..

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