Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas week 2012

Well this has certainly been a cold start to the week, I am up with wood fire raging and pellet stove at the other end of the kitchen "Pelleting" and the temperature is 5 below zero..near the house..which general means it is much colder near the creek.  I decided to eat chili and blog.

Right now I am working on my traditional Holiday Card which this year has turned into an impossible task.  Trying to be uplifting in the year of trouble, disasters, evil and wars has frankly worn my inspiration out.....I started singing Anne Murray's "A Little Good News Today" song.

 Some baby at nine months molested, woman doused with flammable liquid and torched, military flying home while Iraq politics starts to deteriorate...and almost everyone has asked..why did we go there in the first place....a good question.

I hate to think the answer to that is really Dick Cheney and Haliburton and OIL!

Politics aside the homeless have increased greatly in number this year brought about by an economy run by crooked people and poor management.  This cold night is especially hard on them...and Occupy..Occupy what?????????

Right now I am lucky to be occupying my kitchen with a bowl of hot chili and a wish for a better future...I wish I had a magic eraser to make it back to spring again..this winter is cold for more than one reason!

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