Thursday, April 16, 2020

Eaton Markers, Samuel de Champlain & Our Local History

The missing NYS Historic Markers in Eaton are listed online at the NY History Site. They were erected when the New York State Education Department was doing a project in the 30's. They erected some of these markers as guideposts to historic areas, one such area was Nichol's Pond.  

This area for many years was considered a battle site that dated back to 1615 and the times of French explorer Samuel de Champlain.  One such marker stood in Eaton near the crossroads of Rt. 26 and Morrisville-Eaton Road. Another of these markers still stands at the crossroads in Cazenovia that reads "Site of a Champlain Battle" with arrow.

This battle supposedly took place at today's Nichol's Pond Park.  The park is located in the Town of Fenner and is one of Madison County's only county parks.  Today it has many historical markers, with information on the site that explains the Iroquois Village that sat there and the possible  battle.  This information however, does not come with out controversy.

Early historians took trips to the site for many years to dig for artifacts, including noted historians Mrs. Hammond, and Mr. Houghton. Their thought was this was the site of an early battle with Champlain and 300 Huron Warriors who attacked the Oneida Village in 1615.  Other historians and archaeologists said no because there was no metal found at the site.  Still others think it is one of the earliest Iroquoian village sites we have in Central New York.  This history battle has raged for actually it is a battle site one way or the other. I myself could care less one way or another...I think it is a fabulous historic treasure and part of our heritage.

What stands out to me  and most visitors I suspect, is its antiquity, its quiet solitude, its ancient grain pits and is Madison County's best link to its former inhabitants...and its past!

Here is a video I did of the park you might enjoy - since we are home-sheltering.

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  1. Lovely, Mary. Looks like a nice place to visit!
    Judy O.