Tuesday, June 18, 2019

My Words of Thanks and this year's Hope for History!

What a beautiful morning...the reds and purples greeted old Eaton as the sun came up...could it be summer is about to pull this foggy, wet, dreary gause from her eyes???  I sure hope so.

This has been a cycle of four bad years for me and I too feel like something has been lifted from my eyes... as sickness and poverty have taken their toll.....but incase you wondered where my new blogs and I have been I can fill you in...terrible fall, cancer and now concussion that has lifted a bit.  So this years history and summer are eagerly awaited.

This horrible winter and spring have managed to tax everyone with heat and electric bills, car and house repairs, and lord knows what else.  But a  renewal begins....This year the museum will be hosting a number of new events and the whole crew is awaiting the arrival of our new display building, the lecture series and pie sale.  Though we have gotten a grant to help from the Mid-York Foundation...we still need money to stay open and continue repairs on the little building that has seen all of Eaton's history over the past 220 plus years.

The museum is also in need of helpers so that we can hold it open more often.  It really is easy since all of the displays have been outfitted with written explanations and a quick primer will give you many stories to tell visitors.  We also have some items to sell to raise money for the cause.

The new website is up at www.historystarproduction.com.... which is the company that has promoted Eaton history for over 20 years....and if you google Friends of the Eaton Museum it will come up with both names.

A beautiful rendition of the Eaton Church has been donated by Doug and Diane Chilson... which is gorgeous and shows this historic building as it originally looked.  The building still contains hidden from view -  a Andrew Meneely clock and bell that was donated in its early days.  The Meneely Carillon Company is one of the worlds best known companies.

So if you can help us in ant way email me at backstreetmary@yahoo.com or visit the museum.  You will be able to see the dates it is open by looking for our new sign on front street or infront of the museum. Also listing on our website or out facebook page..Friends of the Eaton Museum. We are a Charity listed as a 501-3.

There are so many thank you needed..... but I will list a few here....Michele Kelly and Barb Keough for seeing me through my illnesses...I have had to stay with gracious Michele.  Our little group ... Jen Caloia, Doug & Diane Chilson, Shirley Zimmer, Barb Keough, Michele Kelly, and importantly Jim Monahan.

 Jim has let us use his old Auction Barn Building for our events and pie sales....it has been a blessing...thank you!

Please stay tuned into history by supporting our local museum... that contains so much of it.... both national and regional... that learning about it will surprise you!

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