Thursday, April 9, 2015

Special historic event to take place in the Morrisville-Eaton Schools tomorrow!

Today more and more colleges and schools are recognizing the important of graduates of their school who are leaders, mentors, and successes in particular fields... who because of their success in their communities and outside their communities in the world's arena, should stand as an inspiration to young people.  

These programs are called Legacy Programs in some schools... and Wall of Fames in others.  One of the most important parts of growing up in a school system is focussing children on the fact that even your small local school and your high school educations are be enough to open a world of great achievements for you.  

Some of course stress all those letters after your name...academic achievement...but many successful people are leaders and contributors with just a simple education and the help of mentors and role models that showed them that inspiration and perspiration are indeed the stepping stones to success.

In our small community we have had many successful people who have worked their way to the top and others who have just reached out to our town and extended a hand to lift children and their neighbors into a level of small town success.

The MECS Schools have turned out many stellar citizens, citizens who have proudly worn their school name and their school letters to make the world a better place and to enhance this area.  So tomorrow night a special Wall of Fame induction ceremony will take place and the Middle - High school.  It will be adding the first names to its newly formed "Wall of Fame". Please reach out to these people by attending and showing your thanks and support for them and MECS!

The inaugural Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - 6:30pm April 10

To annually recognize outstanding Morrisville-Eaton alumni who have achieved distinction in their lives and chosen field after high school through significant contributions to their career, community or through personal achievements.  This honor is meant to stand as a model and incentive to current and future students, and to recognize the foundation that a quality public education at Morrisville-Eaton played in each recipient’s success.

·      Welcome – Superintendent Drahos
·      Singing of the Alma Mater – Mr. McCarthy and the Morrisville-Eaton Chamber Choir
·      A word from the Morrisville-Eaton Board of Education – Mr. Goodfriend
·      Recognition of Thomas and Mary Clark
·      Recognition of Philip E. Jenks
·      Recognition of Owen Corpin
·      Chamber Choir – “Scarborough Fair”
·      Legacy Clips – Explanation and two examples – Superintendent Drahos
·      Recognition – Patricia Vaughan
·      Recognition – Steven Jones
·      Recognition – Matthew Episcopo
·      Recognition – Meredeth Rouse
·      Group Recognition and Final Words – Board President Jackie Groves

Please join us in the north cafeteria for a reception for our Wall of Fame inductees.

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