Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A found dog and a found cat... Homeward Bound and Drake is HOME!

Well it is offically a happy ending to the story of Drake the missing Sheltie!  

He was found and is home with his family and is back to barking at me when I go out the door.  Mind you his bark is not quite the same as before because he is week...but its Drake!

After 2 and one half months of searching and crying his owner can now sleep knowing he is not dying cold and hungry...tho he was down from 35 pounds to around 18.  So this proves that animal stories can be both sad and heart warming; over the years Eaton has had a number of interesting cases that can attribute to that.  A lost pet can just wrench at a family who worries about where the animal is, if it has food or if it is alive.  These feelings last for a long time and guilt many times causes owners to loose sleep and wellbeing while they continue to search sometimes for months for months.

One such case are my neighbors who… including myself…. have been looking for their lost Sheltie called Drake.  Drake became lost July 3rd near Sherrill on Seneca Street.   The dog has been spotted a number of times running wild but has not been caught.  Hope for catching him has started to dwindle.

However, remarkable stories of hope also survive in stories like "The Incredible Journey", or "Lassie Comes Home" and so on.   In Eaton there is a incredible tale of a cat who looked much like my Rascal.  The cat was a birthday present for a very ill young man who loved and bonded with him until his death at the young age of 19 years. 

The boy and the cat were so close and he loved it so much that a picture of the cat was put on the boys gravestone.  The animal continued to live with the family as a link to their son until an explosion caused the owners to move to a family summer home on the Eatonbrook Reservoir while their house was repaired…. this is where the beloved cat got lost.

The owners searched and searched but to no avail and eventually moved back to their home near Cicero. 

Three years later a cat was brought to the Cazenovia Animal Hospital after a car had hit it.  To the surprise of all it had an information chip embedding in it.  The workers called the chip company but had no luck locating who owned it. (It had been 3 years).  Then by a stroke of fate the salesman for the company came in the office that very day and after some searching found its owners.  Yes, three years later the family was united with their link to their son…. a heartwarming story.

So today we can add the story of Drake who has come home!

The Trailer for Homeward Bound or the incredible Journey!

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