Friday, September 14, 2012

Saving Electricity..My newest method....Bulb Snatching

We all know all of the energy saving tips...Energy Star appliances (if you can afford them), use cold water to wash clothes with, turn off computers and TV's that have heater thingys to keep them ready to spring alive....turn off lights when not in use.....ahhh but I never seemed to be able to remember to do that...!

I have done them all..I am poor and need to save energy as my electric bill is high.  Down here in the country I have electric water pump, electric stove, electric water heater and in the winter electric fans and a space heater in the bathroom.

I have closed the house down to two rooms, cooked on a wood stove if possible in winter, and have little multiple outlets with interrupters on them attached to computers, TVs etc.  I flip the switch after I use it and ..bam no electric use...I disconnect chargers the same way.....bam!

But the most energy I have saved on my electric bill came from my newest lightbulbs.  Yes I use the squiggly kind to save energy but they have died.  So now I use my new energy saving method...BULB SNATCHING!!!

I know this sounds funny but if I carry the same bulb from room to room with - the light is off in the room I left..and  two - I only use light where I am...I cut my bill way down...way down!

So if you really need to save money...BULB will see your bill go down !! REALLY! It works for me.

But if you come to my house at night ..wait for me to keep moving the bulb especially if I am in the front of the house and you are at the back door.  It takes time...for me to get there......or you can bring your own bulb!

Check this out!

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