Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time marches doomsday this year!

Well...THANK GOD!!! Today a scientist showed a newly found Mayan Calendar that goes hundreds of years past the doomsday date people have been driving me crazy with December of this year!  Yea..

I am so sick of this flap about the end of the world coming that I was happy and copied the link so I could present it to my next gathering of doomsday sayers at dinner party next week.

The truth is however, I had sort of hoped the doomsday date would be moved up a few months so that I didn't have to hear anymore about "POLITICS and the election!"  Wow talk about blab..blab..blab..on and on about religions and other stuff that we have no real need to discuss since 200 plus years ago we are supposed to have separated Church and State (and I might add for good reason)  Perhaps I have forgotten what the Constitution looks like or how it reads!

The other half of the blab is about equality.....yes another part of the basics of our country that was stated in the Declaration of Independence...let see if I remember that line...That all men (and women) are created equal and endowed by their creator (*note no name or religion mentioned) with certain inalienable rights...among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!   

Yes but more than 200 years later we are still trying to figure this out!    Does this mean happiness only to those who are the right color, sex, religion, or nationality.  Does this mean only the rich..and not the poor?

I am appalled to think that the great minds who are swaying our country today are not the likes of Jefferson and Madison...but Limbaugh and Beck..with a little "tea party" thrown in....hmmmm......

Then the next question that arises is ....if the world comes to an end... how is it going to happen????hmm.. Dinner parties have provided much fodder on this..nuclear warming....being hit by meteorites.....flesh eating bacteria that is unleashed by some unscrupulous scientist!

Well for some uplifting news..we have also dated the frozen guy from up on the Italian - Austria boarder named Oetzi who is 5300-year-old caveman ... so see we have been around for many..many..years and will probably continue for many more...

Science has shown us the progression of the development of the average man's human body.....but as of recently opinion is that the human brain hasn't done so might actually be regressing.

This end of the world stuff has gotten me singing an old song by the Kingston Trio that I used to love...well listen to it below and laugh... The Merry Minuet..and realize how many years ago it was written (1958) and is still true!!!! You will love this......

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