Monday, May 7, 2012

Today my whole day went to the SQUIRRELS!

The week started with me working outside on the beautiful day that Saturday was - when all of a sudden I heard scratching and chewing inside the outside wall of the house....loud..I mean LOUD! I decided to remove a board and see if it was carpenter ants....God Forbid....or mice...It wasn't I figured mice.

Well my cat Rascal went on the hunt for the mice and brought me many victims trying.. no get me to give him a special treat...Sunday morning from 1am until 4am Rasc caught a whole family of mice outside..I was relieved and figured removing that board worked....

Sooooo..last night I heard Rasc running around up and down all around and was sure he was on a mouse hunt.  Since I was not jumped on to get up and deliver him a treat I figured the hunt was a bust!!!

About 6 am Rasc wanted out and I was tired and left his little door thing open for him and went back to sleep...I woke up at 8 am ready to go and heard something on the floor near my bed figured it was Rasc....and there..lo and behold....was a large squirrel just nonchalantly looking at me!

Up I went chasing the squirrel trying to get it outside..first with the open door trick.  That failed!  Then with the open a window and lock him in a room trick..That too failed!  Then I got Barb to join me in the hunt and chase with two doors open, one window, a broom..boxes blocking ways around the room.....and then we lost him!!

I tore the rooms apart..and the  house looked like a war zone..........but NO squirrel!

Tonight I think ...we have it trapped in the office with the window open...but the house is old and the floor a bit maybe he went into the basement..but I don't know....

I am praying it went out and I can get some sleep.....but on a chance I failed to rid the house of it I went on line for suggestions...the one that appeals to me most is a "sonic rodent repeller" that emits a high frequency pulse that travels through walls and ceilings and is guaranteed...or money do the trick!

So tomorrow if the scratching continues...I am going off to find one.......!!!!  Anything to get some sleep!

For information on this problem I went on You Tube..found no how to videos...but this ridiculous video advertisement for a not so humane product..but this is funny!!!!

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