Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cookies and a three legged dog named Oreo make my weekend!

This weekend proved to be fun but no matter where I turned it seemed I ran across Oreos of all varieties.  The news touted that it was exactly one hundred years since the introduction of the Nabisco Oreo cookie.  This cookie though has only changed in appearance a bit, but has remained as America's favorite cookie.

Being a history buff it was fun to listen to the different news takes on the cookie - from its design to its forerunner, the Hydrox cookie.  Stories of its commercials and it changing to at one time having a lemon filling - was a wonderful diversion from the news of Limbugh, Santorum, Syrian War and horrible tornados. Even though I cannot eat chocolate today... I would almost have reached out for a glass of milk, which I am also allergic to, and chowed down a few.

Skype provided a visit with my niece in Georgia in the afternoon, and lo and behold I was back with Oreo, this time the Oreo in question was black and white, but this one had three legs.  My niece has fallen in love with a part pit-bull mutt dog with three legs called ...Oreo.  She was distraught over having to find her a new home because of complications in her life, and was desperate for help ...listing the dog on Craig's list etc.....

Since I like animals and have had similar dilemmas myself, I went to bed feeling a bit down....but true to an internet junkie's dreams I got up and Googled "Three Legged Dog Rescue"...and yes there were a number of sites...tons of people have three legged dogs.  One site was founded in one community after a crazed person maimed a bunch of dogs and people banded together to find them homes! I told her to list...but then decided to bringing the dog's plight home and blog about it.

So far however, poor Oreo and my poor niece are left clinging to one another in hopes of finding a person who will take pity on them and adopt her.  I have even worked on a scheme to get the dog north if we have to.

SOOOOO.......if you can help and would like more information.....email me at backstreetmary@yahoo.com and I will get you in touch with her...I have also put her picture on my cat Rascal's Facebook Page.

Help! Reward will be a huge gift box of Oreo cookies!

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