Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another story of Miracles, Mayhem & Friendship... with Johnny Cash thrown in!

Bob, Bob's caught from Wisconsin, Barb Keough & Pat Utter.
Some weeks are unable to be described…this was one of them again.  I am still without boiler...just stopping leaks right now as pipes froze like everything else in the cold world in Eaton. Anti freeze was good to 20 below..but it was 35 below without the wind chill!  The nights have been subzero for 2 weeks plus for the most part, but the cold is just half the story.

When asked how can someone cheat death…well will explain. 

I was away from the house again when everything froze because there was no heat…we are talking far below zero...and I had little money to work with…but what would you do if a friend was dying and had no one with him?  The same friend (Bob Betz) I might add, who had inadvertently caused my pipes to freeze the first time because I was trying to help him and his furnace and pipes. (See blog link below)

So the second horrible week started with an early morning call and me rushing to Hamilton Hospital as Bob was taken there looking blue.  Yes and he then arrested in the emergency room.  He was so bad he was sent via Air One Helicopter to Syracuse…where he arrested 3 more times in the air and once on the ground.  I of course followed to Syracuse, and as I sat in his hospital room with him waiting for a family member to arrive, he was given zero chance of life and a doctor recommended pulling the plug. Which of course, I could not do…up to family.  I managed to call all his kids leave messages and then tried to reach my friend Barb to get some pellets and take them over to my house…I was out, and woodstove was only real heat without them and that would be out when I got home…and I had none in reserve.

As the day wore on his son arrived and finally I was on my way home in the freezing sub zero evening…my friend Barb was still there had managed to find pellets (most stores were out) drag the heavy pellet bags in house and get some in the stove.  She was also trying to revive the fire…with wet wood.  Of course it was wet… I was not home and did not get wood in from the huge pile of wood dumped (finally) prior to the huge wind and snow and subzero night of the days before. (See other blog) As I recounted the story to all of the members of our museum group via the phone, I said a prayer to Mother Cope for both he and another members son with cancer.  A short time later Bob's son called from the hospital and said his father just woke up, and wrote him a note…and the Doctors could not believe it!  Hmmm…Drs.?... Hmmm Mother Cope?

So back to work trying to stay alive...boiler repair in frigged temperatures - as boiler is outside in attached shed…chopping wood out of ice and snow…and praying we (my cat & a few homeless ones) can stay warm enough…41 inside the house one night.  I was also trying to prepare for a lecture in Syracuse on Monday, money I really needed. 

After getting things together cleaning all the filters, nozzle etc, (water in fuel...I won’t say where I bought it…but their pump froze!) I drove off to Hamilton and Blue Ox to buy clean Kero.  The roads were dry except for a few patches…it was sunny and cold… and then… BAM!  My plastic car was hit by wind in a whiteout and spun into a ditch.  I got out as if nothing happened…sat in a Sherriff’s car until a friend and tow truck arrived…  So now I had no money, no heat,  and the totaled car is worth nothing. Ah me!

So my friend Barb offered to drive me to Solvay the next day so I could make the money…I offered to cancel…”NO WAY” she said.  Of course, that was Monday and she and I were trapped on the highway at 20 miles per hour in the worst road conditions I have seen in Syracuse in years.  We had no way to turn back so we went on to the library where I was to speak, and there we found three wonderful members who had patiently waited for us…of course the talk was cancelled! 

We all talked and laughed about my week...waiting out the storm and waiting for the plows.  We actually had a good time as I recounted my week and they prepaid me for the lecture, which will be rescheduled to March.

We made it back to house where the fire was out and cold, but we were safe as Barb is a good driver… although she looked 5 years older because of the drive.

So the cold continues, car is gone, I still have another baseboard radiator to replace, wood is still wet but drying by stove, house is still cold but warmer… car it totaled.  But on the bright side I have water to the toilet and bathroom sink…food in refrigerator…coffee in my cup and a computer to write this… However I am alone on another Sunday Coming Down! (See other blog for more details - And laugh! is good…right?

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