Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Memorial Day Monday - Museums 25th Anniversary

Opening Day 25 years ago

Memorial Day Monday marks opening of the Old Town of Eaton Museum for this year. The day will highlight a special display in the yellow Museum Building next to the museum.  

The display will be compliments of Doug Chilson and his wife Diane who collect interesting items from Eaton’s past. The Chilsons are founding members of the Friends of the Old Town of Eaton Museum and did a display for an event 3 years ago that was a success.

The main Eaton Museum Building will be open with its extensive Eaton history and there will be books on Eaton’s history for sale by Backstreet Mary.  

The group is kicking off the little museums 25th year.  The museum started in the Wood House on Brooklyn Street for the Bicentennial in 1995, moving to the ancient stone building on River Road in 1998.

The stone museum building is one of the few early rubble buildings built just after the 1790’s.  The building was an early tannery building which became the shoemakers house.  The Sprague family kept it in the family for much of its life of service to the community.  The museum has a special display that honors Mr. Sprague who was a shoemaker, no doubt his father was as well since we have records dating to 1802 for William Sprague who was also a shoemaker..

So come out to Historic Eaton and visit for the day, enjoy the parade and history display on Rt. 26 and enjoy the rural quiet of Eaton. The hours are from 9 am until 1 pm.

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