Thursday, April 6, 2023

Cats, Cats. Cats!

This has been another year of trying to find homes for strays that have shown up in the winter with their young in our area.  I know the only way to stop this is to educate the pubic on getting their animals neutered or spayed, but How!

Most all of these cats are just drop offs that people can't take care of...many times because they moved and other times because they haven't the money to take care of them after getting them.

Getting a cat "fixed" costs a fortune and more than most poor families can pay.  Another hard point to make is these cats are not feral and struggle to survive with their young. These cats who just have kittens and stay close to where they can find food.  Feral cats or barn cats also need to be fixed or one years population would multiply expeditiously...programs or vets that will fix or take strays or feral cats is hard to find.

There is a difference between a community cat that stays in one area and is friendly with the area cats and a true feral cat that can support himself.  Community cats roam from place to place for food and    or for shelter.   What is really needed is a way to educate the public and the "powers that be" on the importance of programs to address these issues.

Families who take in a kitten for their kids need to understand the cost of veterinary care.  Even a local farm vet has to charge for his services and medicines...a Animal Hospital of any area charges in excess of $300 plus for such a service.

Our little community group has formed a not for profit to try and raise not only awareness of the problems in rural and poor areas but also raise funds to continue our quest to educate the public and connect them with programs and to raise funds. You can find our Facebook Page at 4 Community Cats and Rascals Find Home for Strays!   The two pictures below show our latest cats...Blackie, Jack and Dipper.

You can contact me at backstreetmary@yahoo.orcom.

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