Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pie Sale, Thanksgiving, the Museum and my Thank You's

This has been a busy week, as the museum group is getting ready for our upcoming Thanksgiving Pie & Bake Sale next Saturday the 19th.

 I have been very little help so far because of my injuries but I am whipping into shape.  Here I would like to thank all those who sent cards or words of encouragement and also to Kate & Mary Mahoney, Don Wheeler, Doug and Diane Chilson, Michele Kelly, Barb Keough, Cathy Nagle, and my brother and sister in law Fritz & Nola for their visits to the hospital. Broken ribs, broken collarbone, fingers, etc. are on the mend. (Still not typing too well!)

The Pie Sale has grown in size and we are lucky enough this year to use Jim Monahan’s little shop next to the Post Office again. Thanks Jim…. great location… with parking and space.

The pies and bake goods will also have items from our museum gift area and as always all proceeds go to upkeep of the museum which this year hosted a number of events, days open and did writing of history and history lectures.. 

The Friends of the Museum group is growing and we hope to have our 501 3c by next year. So think about joining with membership forms available at the event.

The sale will run from 10am until 3 pm so stop by and say hi and grab a bake good that you can use for Thanksgiving Dinner or as a gift….We will be looking for you!

The Old Town of Eaton Museum is housed in the oldest stone building in the Town of Eaton.

Video of another stone treasure in Eaton laying to waste...

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