Saturday, October 15, 2016

Life, Good Workers, Me and A Purposed Filled Life...

A special thank you to everyone that has kept me in his or her thoughts and prayers in this past year.  I assure that it has helped. I need you to keep it up if you can.  The world has thrown many obstacles in my way over the years but I keep bouncing back, so rest assured I will beat this one.

I had a visit from Reverend Don Wheeler yesterday and he pointed out something I have advocated all my life…whether it is building a house, running a Fair, making a museum, or putting on an event…we each have one job to do…and if we do that job well…right…or to the best of our ability, our efforts will be a success.  If working with others it will be considered by our maker and the world around us that “we lived a purpose filled life”.  That is something to ponder.

Just in being here in the hospital I was privy to watching it work.  Last night some of the workers were just marking time till they got go home.  I called them Daryl his other brother Daryl…they had little concern for how I was really feeling…then this morning after I lodged a complaint in came Shannon and Alicia…two workers who did their jobs well and who were able to broadcast this feeling to me their patient. They did their jobs well…and it showed.

A purpose filled life. They didn’t have to be doctors to help me... they only had to do their job, and it made a world of difference.

Barb and I did a video for the Rev. and his Labyrinth Project for the FBC of Syracuse… and I will include it here.

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