Monday, November 9, 2015

Foodies, health, Mother Nature and the crazy world of today's medicine!

Foodies…yes ”Foodies”…they seem to be everywhere on line…health nuts…organic lovers…on and on.  Buzz words that link us to all types of websites, information, and resources.  I really wonder what happened to just plain healthy living .  I personally think we have become so obsessed with ourselves and our health that we are being distracted form what is important about life.

A drive anywhere will bring into view huge medical complexes that replace the poor family doctor who helped patients not only with their physical problems but many times gave advice on eating, life, and discussed mental health.

Gone are the Doc. Wests who simply dealt with the problems using common sense since he knew the families and their histories and did not need a long written explanation of genic linking health issues or personality traits.  We all want to live to be 100 to enable us to populate thousands of nursing homes waiting to die… in a setting…well a setting I do not want. The old Indians used to go out in a field… lay down and die…my thinking exactly!

Health tips on line have become big money and on one site you can learn that pepper is a stimulant and could raise your blood pressure, and then on a health cure page find out it will help keep your blood pressure in check…I wonder if any of it is real? Don’t eat eggs…do eat eggs… What?

Vitamins to make you healthy…yes instead of eating your vitamins at well-rounded meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner… you can pop a pill. Oh yes and by the by…the pharmaceutical industry.  Money, Money, Money and more MONEY… Really cancer has been around for years and genetics and the world that each and everyone of us lives, eats and breathes in has created the epidemic mind state of our feared illness called “Cancer!” Folks you can’t get out alive…and you are going to die of something...its called LIFE!

I was on a website that tickled me as it touted Nature as the drug you could take to cure your ills…the site called “Nature” said get outside and view nature…the cure for everything is stress related.  Humorously, I think “Work” and filling your life with love, faith and the beauty of nature and Nature’s God has cured more people of stress related illness than every pill in the world. But that of course is the view of a backward thinking person who thinks we should step back and look at our society for what it is…”commercial” and money oriented.


  1. Someone sent me a meme today that stated: Everyday, go out and sit in nature for 20 minutes. If you're stressed, make it an hour.

    I think that's pretty good advice.

  2. (I wonder if I take the medicine, if I will be able to walk out in a field and die when I am ready.)