Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cat Dilemma, people, Second Chance Thrift Shop, WRHS and the costs of pets

Rascal my original pet
This week the cat situation took a turn for the worst as I discovered another set of little kittens.  I have been working for a year and a half to spay or neuter the kittens and cats that someone dropped off at my house because someone told them I love cats…I don’t!   The cat that was dropped is not feral…it was a pet and it had kittens so many months old and was pregnant. 

I have put up a site on Facebook to try and help and all it has produced is people calling wanting to drop off their cats to me.  The comment I hear most is that they got a kitten so that their kids could see all about childbirth…dumb, by 8 their kids probably know more about everything than they do.

The complication that sets in are that they do not have their animals spay or neutered… and so the cycle continues.  Many just can’t afford to have it done…why get an animal?  I sure can’t afford this and humorously, a couple came over recently and we discussed that is was more expensive to take their cat to the doctors than for them to go.

In the past Wander’s Rest in Canastota issued certificates for $42 to $47 to help with the costs… but on the average to have the cat altered, the legal rabies shot, wormed and flea medicated costs about $180.  It is cheaper to have them put to sleep…although that can run $120.  This year Wander’s Rest has no money for the certificates, which, is why I have the kittens since I had waited for 2 promised for the oldest of the strays.

The Second Chance Thrift Shop now located in the former dinner building on Route 20 in Morrisville has been raising money to help the various animal agencies (see article  “Several thousand dollars have been raised and donated to various local animal rescue programs, including Wanderer’s Rest” and it hurt nobody’s pocketbook since the items for sale are at a great price, in good condition and a boon to people who cannot afford new.

The Thrift Shop that is open on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00 needs volunteers, since it only through volunteers that they are open.  This is a total not for profit situation.  The volunteers can work as little as one shift per month or more and the shifts are only 3 hours long…so it seems many people could donate their time if available.  For more information you can call 315-480-0336 or email or stop in.  This is a case of need for all of the community. If you can’t volunteer, then shop there for something before purchasing it new.

A second thought is that something should be done to have clinics for the neuter-spay operation.  I am working with a few people on thoughts about setting up a special program for rural areas that use a mobile unit for veterinary school grads to serve as a summer clinic that would defray the costs of their education if they participate.  This is something New York State should get involved with…other states have them although they might be privately is needed.

If interested in helping or in commenting email me at and I will get back to you...although it will take a bit as I am off line.

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