Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How are Super Bowl, Clydesdales, Hops & Cooperstown related!

Well the Super Bowl is over for this year, though I don’t watch it as I have no Television or Cable…. but I do keep up with my favorite commercials ... the ones that make you cry or smile with the Clydesdale Horses.  This year's was a gem…the little horse growing up to become a Clydesdale Team horse for Budweiser….

Gussie and family
The tradition of the Budweiser Team was the brilliant idea of the companies founder Adolphus Busch’s grandson, August Anheuser-Busch …who used a team of Clydesdales pulling a Budweiser wagon to haul the first case of beer after the repeal of Prohibition down 5th Avenue in New York City to Alfred E. Smith the Mayor, and another down Pennsylvania Avenue to President Roosevelt in the White House.
This symbol of Budweiser has been part of our American fabric for over 80 years now.

I guess part of my like for the commercials is the beautiful way they are put together …the videography is spectacular!  The plots are inspiring.  If I could do anything it would be to make a commercial like this.

Another part of the story is I also am fond of the Busch family’s ties to history and Central New York.  Yes history ties…does that surprise you?

Adolphus Busch bought a huge number of acres in Otsego County for the hops.  Otsego County at time was one of the largest producers of hops. 

He also built a family home and farm in Cooperstown called Uncas Farm.  If you have ever driven down the side road to Cooperstown you may remember seeing the metal makers or signs saying A. Busch or Uncas Cabin. 

Today “Farmlands”, a beautiful manor overlooks Otsego Lake on the near Three Mile Point.  Louis Busch Hager built it on the site of the home once occupied by Alice Busch Gronewaldt, his grandmother.  

Alice (Gussie's sister) has her own ties to history, as it is through her generous donations that we have the Glimmerglass Opera and Alice Busch Opera Theater, named in her mother Alice’s honor.

But of course that is just part of the Cooperstown story.  It would not be complete without BASEBALL.   

August Anheuser-Busch, “Gussie”, is remembered at the Baseball Hall of Fame in downtown Cooperstown.  Gussie was the owner that saved the St. Louis Cardinals and built the Busch Stadiums. He is well remembered by fans for riding on the Clydesdale team and wagon at the games …sporting a red cowboy hat!

See how things travel in circles…. History relates….
The Busch’s still own much property in Cooperstown…and we still love their symbol of many years ...the Clydesdales!

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