Thursday, August 30, 2012

September 1 it the END OF THE WORLD 116 days early!!!

Okay....I have this weird feeling that something terrible is going to happen on September 1....Okay I know Labor Day Storm of years gone by...but think about it.  Friday August 31 there is going to be a rare Blue Moon..on the same day as they are burying our Moon Astronaut Armstrong......hmmm...and at midnight it will be "SEPTEMBER 1"!!!

So off to my little hand held computer like thingy I went and guess what...did you know that many of our ancient civilizations built their sites so that they would line up with a specific constellation that computers say would have appeared for them on September 1, 10,500 BC?????

Something strange there right...there are hundreds of websites devoted to this year and date in civilization..........

So I tried to figure out what big thing could happen...hurricane..already on.....tornados..already going on 'cause of hurricane....earthquakes..ditto going on.........volcanic eruptions....hmmm but in Central NY??

September 11 perhaps was a wake up call done to seem like and emergency call..but that was 10 days late for a cosmic event to be recorded on September what could it be?????

My advice is beware of September 1st.....look at the moon on Friday at midnight and wink for Neil...remember the now defunct civilizations.....or is that it....maybe because of our crazy politicos we are going to become one of those lost civilizations beginning on September 1!!!!!!!

Of course this feeling could be because I have been over eating for the past week...I hope it is just that really!

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