Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Conspiritor

I watched the movie The Conspirator by Robert Redford last night and enjoyed it, not only for the beauty of the production but for its historic accuracy.  Although dialog and some interpretation was supposition on the part of the screenwriter it fit all of the historic facts and stories that I knew.

Afterward as sort of a way to find more information on the film itself I read a couple of reviews and to my amazement I found out that it received poor reviews in part because they assumed Redford had interjected his own political views about Iraq and Afghanistan..........the reviewers obviously were not historians or they would have realized that the picture depicted history and that as always history repeats itself .

The line I always use is that "history is an early warning system!"

Anyway  visit my website at http://www.historystarproductions.com/ and see what you think..enoy visiting historic sites from your easy chair!

One thing is for sure, the next time I really enjoy a movie for its content and its wonderful acting..I won't read the reviews...before or after..I'll just have to make up my own mind...maybe you should too.................

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