Sunday, January 12, 2020

25 Years of Service & and a Plea for Help!

This week we are holding our annual can drive.  If you can drop off cans to benefit our museum... they would be more than welcome. They can be dropped at my house in the back or call one of our can drive members... Barb Keogh, Michele Kelly, or Jen Caloia. This year we could not get our annual pie sale together for Thanksgiving and we need to make up for that monetary loss.

My health played a big part of that decision, which was wise considering that my Cancer has returned and I am on Chemo again.  As a Society, I believe the biggest issue facing us now is "healthcare cost."  Even with insurance and Medicaid… as a very poor person, I cannot really cover the costs of driving to get my treatment (which is life saving).  Roswell Park in Buffalo is where I go, as I am part of a special section of the science center there, and get the most advanced care.  My life is important to me, as important as yours is to you I am sure.

The past two trips with cost of gas and thruway, it was much... and with the blizzard conditions it would have been great to spend the night in a motel…but that is expensive…so simply put I can no longer support the museum for"special things anymore".

So if you can help drop off cans or make a donation to Friends of the Old Town of Eaton Museum, which is a 5013c,  it would greatly help our petty cash fund that funds these events...  Any checks can be sent in care of Messere at Friends of the old Town of Eaton Museum, 5823 Brooklyn Street, Eaton, NY 13334.

This year is my 25 year of struggling to get this museum in place… and with our new mini Ag Museum, it has become a destination for people interested in not only local history, but research on family past... not to mention our continuing preservation of local artifacts.

Up coming this year is our 25 Anniversary on this Memorial Day Monday.  The group hopes to put on a celebration to celebrate the original day it all started with the parade and festivities for the Eaton Bicentennial on Memorial Day Monday 1995. What a day that was! (See video of the parade below) We hope to have pies, history, raffles, and a white elephant sale and more!

On health, the flu season is here and the new movie 1917 reminded me of the flu that ensued the following year.  It was tagged as “The Spanish Flu”,  but it turned into a pandemic that spread around the world and killed more people than any of our wars.  So next week we will go on to that history... considering even the Madison County Home in Eaton would have been effected by that horrible event!

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  1. I had already brought you some bottles/cans. What I will do is to take the bottles I now have to the bottle return between me and my M-Power-U group and add what I get to a check to help.
    Judy Oplinger