Sunday, June 7, 2015

Memories of the past, sorrow, things to think about this Sunday in Eaton!

Marti Howell Collins
I can truly say it has been another one of those weeks.  Sad since the Neighbors have lost two from our small group… Harry Schenk and the Rev. Tom Clark.  In a city that would not be many people... but in a small community where everyone knows everyone... it is.  It is something we think about and reflected upon.

After some humor in finding we sent the wrong new history book copy to the printer (was someone too tired?)… with the help of Marti Howell Collins one of our new members who is an expert editor…the book is done and will be printed and picked up Monday!  If you would like a copy to replace the one you have... contact one of the group.  Actually it is a collectable as only 12 or 14 were printed and it followed the pattern of the fun”cut and paste-mistake ridden” things we put out for the Bicentennial in 1995…no spell check on our little word processor then!

Our float...
The parade this year included a float with a gigantic sign put together by Steve and Judy Goodfriend.  The sign obviously worked…there were almost no bake goods left!  Our small community parades have gotten smaller...down to only 10-15 minutes long. I think it is time for the communities to start making their Memorial Day Parades what they used to be.  Now everyone goes to Hamilton on the Fourth with a float. It is wrong, we need our communities to come together around their own community not promote another…oh well.

Time passes slowly for the young but faster and faster every day as we get older, in the end memories are all we have left of our friends and loved ones.  I have thought about this.  I spent much time digging up clips for the movie on the Bicentennial of 1995, yet few people bought them…really you should.  In it is the history of our town and community for that year.  In viewing it, it is sad to see so many who are no longer with us… and yet wonderful so see the young who are now adults with children of their own.  If you would like one I have some videos for sale at Dougherty’s and or you can go on line and order a book or a video… all precedes benefit the museum.

The Historic Eaton Church celebrated its 183 Anniversary this week.  It is still so nice to hear that historic Meneeley Bell ring on Sunday’s as well as important to note that Tom Clark was one of the reasons that it is still here. The church is still a viable part and important of the community.

To all those that took time to come out and help us celebrate our Anniversary…Thank You!  You are the reason we keep doing these community gathering events.  Yes they are a remembrance of the past…but they are also a reminder of what is good in small town America, in part and parcel... a ray of hope for the future.

View our video and remember our friends no longer with us!

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