Sunday, May 10, 2015

Memorial Day Monday to bring history to the "Forefront" with food, fun, raffles and PIES!

Well the special Eaton Day is coming together.  Though the parade will be in West Eaton you can follow the road down to Eaton and enjoy History Day.  The 3rd Annual Pie Sale, gift sale and more will be in front of the old Auction Barn on Route 26 again.  

This year weather permitting Back Street Mary will be giving a tour of the Historic Eaton Cemetery and we will be having history lectures on front street and will show history videos….A great look back at the Bicentennial Celebration 20 years ago.

In that idea we are publishing a special book for the occasion with almost 50 pages of history, with new pictures and information… that... even some historians are unaware of.  The book will be in the same size and style as the old one and we are seeking donations to publish it in that format.

We sold the original Eaton History Book on History Day 20 years ago! Since then we have a museum full of history and tons of history books on subjects pertaining to Eaton.

This book covers not only Eaton but also the entire Town of Eaton… stories and pictures that are new to the museum and that represent the years after 1850.

To get this book printed we need a little help.  The advertising off the other book paid for it and we are hoping to do the same thing again.

So we will place a page or two with Friends of History and card size ads for businesses that are friends of history

For your name only $5 as a friend of history
For a Memorial $10 (For a deceased family member that was a part of the original group of Eatonite)
For your business card only $25

First printing will be of a hundred and of course they will continue to be printed and sold at the museum forever after or when our gift shop travels to Madison Hall.

So Help if you can…our printing deadline is the 18th…Contact Cathy Nagle,, Barb Keough, Bob Betz, Steve or Judy Goodfriend or Pat Utter for details or you can always go to our web page at and hit donated to book to do it with charge card or debit….it will go through PayPal.

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