Thursday, March 13, 2014

A history, music, photography and a watercolor trip to Root Glen through my eyes.

This winter of 2013-2014 has really gotten me down.  The cold and the boredom of such weather for me is hard to chase off.  With wind howling and the snow falling last night I tried to force myself out of the doldrums by working on a project that I have wanted to do for a long time, a video of Root Glen in Clinton.

One of my favorite haunts of spring, summer and fall is Hamilton College... its historic campus and the beautiful layout of the college green.  A green that is towered over by famous architect Phillip Hooker’s historic three-tier chapel.

I love taking people on tours of the grounds while spouting history and then take them off for a visit to the cemetery.  A cemetery that contains the remains of some of our area’s past luminaries… people you read about in history books like Rev. Samuel Kirkland, Chief Skenandoah, Ashel Backus, Samuel Eels and so many more.

Last fall Mike and Donna Nortman, Back Street Barb and I went off for the history tour which includes the cottage of Rev. Samuel Kirkland, the hall that was the birthplace of Elihu Root, the marker set by General Von Steuben on behalf of Alexander Hamilton, the great Oneida Chief Skenandoah’s grave and then the walk through Root Glen.

After the trip during the fall I had chosen a special piece of music that I love for the pictures and video of the Glen.  Then last night… I finally put them together… but somehow it wasn’t right… the beauty was missing.  I came to the realization that it was because when I am walking the paths I see the pictures through my artist eyes… I call them.  Somehow every picture I snap reminds me of a watercolor painting that I could do at a latter date… but one I will never get to.

So I decided to redo the video and give you the viewer a glimpse of what my mind’s eye sees there. 

Photography and music are my art form that I put to video… I wish more people would visit my website at and not only learn the history of NYS but also enjoy the video images and music... a number of the videos I call my watercolor albums… of course they are my favorites!

Video of Root Glen!  Please play large screen and with sound enjoy it best!

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