Monday, April 9, 2012

The warmest March ever..could be followed by...

The weather is the only thing that seems to have gone well so far this year..with of course a bit of good news on the economy....March was the warmest on record!

To this we all cheer but ....lurking around the corner could also be the coldest summer...Now don't hang me for being a pessimist but all things considered as a historian I know some awful truths about the past summer's.

"In 1816 we had the “Year Without a Summer”.  There were severe summer climate abnormalities caused average global temperatures to decrease resulting in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere. (from Wiki)

To put it mildly over 1800 people starved or froze to death! I have pieces of paper from a diary of Joseph Morse or his son Ellis stating that in July he scraped frost off of logs and his plants died.

I remember one year I invited my friends over from a 4th of July show we all did in Cazenovia at Lorenzo...we had to put blankets around us and I had to have everyone sit next to the wood stove in the kitchen to have our picnic!!!!!

With this in mind I think we should remind ourselves of warming might be happening...but not that quickly... and for sure not in Eaton....

One year I was called a witch when I predicted snow for Mother's snowed.........well what can I say.....but check out my latest video and visit my website at for a story on Lorenzo... and we can only hope that we have better weather for this years 4th of July craft show.....and also that we do not have a volcanic eruption somewhere!!!!

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