Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rascal the cat with a Facebook page and Cattatude!

I have had so many people ask why Rascal my cat is so spoiled...he get angus steak bits as a treat and has a plush heated sage green bed and beachcrunch any time he wants....and now a Facebook I decided to write Rasc's story.

On the Fourth of July many years ago now -  Mike Curtis came to my house and said that he and his daughter stopped at the top of Hamilton HIll on his motorcycle to view the scene and out of nowhere came a mother cat and a bunch of little kittens someone had dumped. 

He couldn't pick them up because of being on his bike and having his daughter with him.. so Mike and I jumped into my car and went up on the hill.  By the time we got there we saw no the wind whipped we called and walked the field, but could not find them.  Suddenly Mike's "kitty, kitty" was answered by a faint meow..and Mike search a hole near the road and found this ity, bity little grey furball.  We took it back to my house and gave it to my friend Chris (who was dying of Cancer) and she held it and tried to feed it while we went back to find any more that might be there.

The next day I learned that a couple stopped up on the hill and picked up the strays and had them..and we had Rasc.

Rasc became Chris' companion night and day... even the nurses that came to visit said Rascal would come in the house and jump right up on the sofa where Chris was and watch them intently....and slap at them if Chris seemed in discomfort.  After Chris' death Rascal's attitude toward me changed and the vet said she might not understand where Chris went when she died, and blamed me for taking a progression of me spoiling her started.

Then Rascal became attached and extremely bossy to alpha female that I refer to as "Mr. Cat" sometimes..... 

In December 2 years ago I became ill with the flu, caught it no doubt at the college where I had been using the computer.  I was staying between Syracuse and my families house that I was cleaning and fixing (since my parent's had both died)  and Eaton.  I laid down that night and had only the wood stove for heat..was very sick....did not wake up to stoke the wood stove and the temperature bottomed out somewhere in the 20 belows....all I remember is PAIN...Rascal had been scratching my face and chest..digging trying to wake me up. (I was bleeding) I remember not being able to function, and to this day I have no idea how shoeless I got Rascal and myself to my car and turned on the heat..I was confused... shaking and my feet were quite frozen but I somehow made it to Syracuse and the heated house there......My feet are still quite bad today...but the fact is Rascal SAVED MY LIFE and hers.

Today she sleeps next  to me for the most part...and should the house dip to 59-60 degrees she wakes me up.....relentless in her efforts.

So I spoil her and put up with her bad attitude..but somehow everyone likes her spunk and single mindedness ...and the truth be known they spoil her with little treats and gifts too..

PS..... for all those who like steak..Rascal will only eat Wegman's sandwich steaks (Angus) Top Round.  Cathy Nagle could not believe night I was making steak on the grill for a summer treat and I proved Rascal's gourmet taste..I offered Rasc the sirloin we had..she sniffed and walked away..I then gave her some Angus I had in the Refrigerator for her treat and she gobbled it down......maybe we should think about that...she also will only eat Asiago Cheese......

Visit Rasc's Facebook Page, she is History Star's Mascot....  send a picture and story of your favorite pet to post..I have been receiving more input on Rasc's Page than mine....go figure!

PSS..she also loves her picture being taken.....

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